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RRR’s Naatu Naatu Shakes Up the Music World with Golden Globe Win


A still from the biggest song in the history of Indian cinema

The recent Golden Globe Awards has left a lasting impact in the entertainment industry, particularly with the success of Naatu Naatu from the film RRR. The hit song, composed by MM Keeravani, earned the award for Best Original Song, beating out other notable contenders like Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga in the category. The team behind RRR were pleasantly surprised when fellow nominee Rihanna, who had been nominated for her track “Lift Me Up” from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, offered her congratulations to the team during the ceremony.

Actors Ramcharan and NTR on their way to make history

This win for Naatu Naatu is a demonstration of the power of music to bring people together and transcend boundaries. SS Rajamouli, the director of the film, took to social media to express his excitement for the song’s success and thanked fans for making it popular.

Natu Natu composer MM Keeravani holding proudly the prestigious golden globe award

The news of Naatu Naatu’s win at the Golden Globe Awards was met with great excitement and pride in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to social media to congratulate the team behind RRR, stating that the “prestigious honor has made every Indian very proud.” Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan also shared his excitement on Twitter, expressing that he woke up and started dancing to the hit song to celebrate the news.

The extraordinary team

RRR, which stands for Rise, Roar, Revolt, is a historical fantasy film that tells the story of two revolutionaries who fight against British rule in India. The film, which stars Ram Charan and Jr NTR, has been a huge success both domestically and internationally. The film’s music, which includes romantic ballads, dance numbers, and patriotic anthems, has also gained a wide following.

Two biggest superstars shaking their legs

Naatu Naatu is a four-and-a-half-minute powerhouse of a song that features Charan and Jr NTR and has had thousands dancing to its beat. The song was shot in front of the Mariinskyi Palace in Ukraine and was choreographed by Prem Rakshit who composed nearly 95 dance steps for the song. It took 19 months from the first discussion to the final polished result. Fans celebrated the award on social media and the team behind the song spoke about the effort that went into the song.


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