InformationMysterious UFO-shaped cloud stuns citizens in Turkey, sparking theories...

Mysterious UFO-shaped cloud stuns citizens in Turkey, sparking theories of flying saucer and portal to another world


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A flying saucer or a portal to another world? Citizens in Turkey have been astounded by a strange UFO-like cloud formation!

Bursa: A world full of strange things never ceases to fascinate. Especially the viral science stuff, which opens up doors to discoveries that have always existed but are not as common in the real world. When it comes to science, strange things keep happening, the most well-known being UFO and alien theories. On January 19, a massive UFO-shaped cloud formed over Bursa, Turkey, which stunned the internet.

The rare phenomenon has stunned the citizens, in what appeared to be a flying saucer or more like a giant portal to the universe. The big fat cloud apparently floated for quite some time at dawn, catching several people’s attention.

Watch the Video of a UFO-Lenticular Cloud in Turkey.

While several intriguing photos and videos have surfaced on the internet, this viral video was shared on January 21 by the Twitter account SANTINO (@MichaelSCollura).

The Real Story Behind Turkey’s UFO-Like Cloud

The cloud’s floating, seemingly dusky vermillion appearance drew a lot of attention, and people couldn’t stop themselves from photographing this strange cloud structure hovering over Turkey. But it’s not as strange as it sounds. According to Fox Weather, it was a lenticular cloud formation, which is typically found draped over or floating near mountain tops and ridges.

They are formed when that layer of the atmosphere is just on the verge of saturation, according to IT. The gentle lift provided by mountain tops provides just enough cooling for the air to reach saturation and form a cloud. As the air sinks again, it becomes warmer and drier, leaving saturation behind and becoming visible once more. The cloud may appear to be static, but air is constantly flowing through it.

Lenticular clouds are distinguished by their curved, flying saucer-like appearance and are typically found at altitudes ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 meters, according to the Guradian.


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