AstronomyMeteorite Strikes the Moon, Captured on Camera by Japanese...

Meteorite Strikes the Moon, Captured on Camera by Japanese Astronomer


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The universe never ceases to amaze us, with its infinite wonders and celestial phenomena. Recently, a remarkable event took place in our very own solar system, on our beloved neighbor, the moon. The incredible occurrence was captured by a Japanese astronomer, Daichi Fujii, who was monitoring the moon using cameras set up to track its movements.

In a split second, at precisely 20:14:30.8 Japan Standard Time on February 23, the moon’s nightside was illuminated by a brief flash of light. This was no ordinary flash, but the telltale sign of a meteorite striking the lunar surface. The impact was recorded by Fujii, who was undoubtedly thrilled to have captured such a rare and magnificent event.

The meteorite struck near Ideler L crater, slightly northwest of Pitiscus crater, creating a new crater estimated to be around 39 feet (12 meters) in diameter. The high-velocity impact generated intense heat and gave off a brilliant flash of visible light. This phenomenon was visible from Earth because it occurred in an area during lunar nighttime facing our planet.

Meteors, also known as shooting stars, travel at an average speed of 30,000 miles per hour (48,280 kilometers per hour), or 8.3 miles per second (13.4 kilometers per second). When they collide with a celestial body, they create a crater, leaving a lasting impact on its surface. The moon’s surface is riddled with countless craters, a testament to the relentless bombardment of meteorites over billions of years.

Unlike the Earth, the moon has only a very tenuous exosphere, which means that meteors that would not reach the Earth’s surface commonly impact the moon, creating its crater-covered appearance. These rocks continuously pummel the lunar surface, sometimes breaking it down to fine particles, or lunar soil. By studying these impacts, scientists can learn more about the rate of impacts on the lunar surface, which is vital information for countries like the United States, which are planning to send astronauts to the moon.

The significance of capturing such events cannot be overstated, as they provide scientists with valuable information about the solar system’s history and evolution. Furthermore, by analyzing the impact of these meteorites on the moon’s surface, scientists can gain a better understanding of the universe’s early years.

In the coming years, it is expected that NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or India’s Chandrayaan 2 lunar probe will image the newly formed crater. This will enable scientists to study the impact in greater detail, providing them with further insight into the nature of these celestial events.

The recent event captured by Daichi Fujii is a testament to the beauty and wonder of the universe. It is a reminder of the ceaseless motion of the cosmos and the continuous changes it undergoes. Through the tireless efforts of astronomers like Fujii, we can gain a better understanding of our place in the universe and the magnificent events that occur beyond our planet’s boundaries.


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