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Ice the K-9 Cop Caught Red-Handed: Stealing a Fellow Officer’s Lunch


In Wyandotte, United States, a police dog is accused of stealing a fellow officer’s lunch.

Officer Barwig was eating lunch in the breakroom when he was called to assist with a person at the police department’s jail, according to the Wyandotte Police Department. To assist, he left his half-eaten lunch on the table. When he returned to the breakroom, he discovered that his lunch had been eaten by their dog, Ice.

In a Facebook post, the Wyandotte Police Department stated:

Barwig and another officer returned to the breakroom a short time later to find Ofc. Ice strolled out of the room, licking his chops. Barwig’s entire lunch had vanished….disappeared!

Ofc. Ice has invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent and, to be honest, is refusing to cooperate with the investigation. He has a habit of rummaging through trash cans that are within reach of him. There have been several other reports of him stealing food from coworkers’ hands as they pass by.

The police department then requested feedback from their “Facebook followers” on how to proceed with the investigation.

The majority of Ice’s fans support him:

  • It appears to be circumstantial evidence. He does not appear to be guilty and thus must be presumed innocent.
  • Until further investigation and proof that he did it, he is presumed innocent.
  • If necessary, I will serve as this officer’s pro bono attorney. You must acquit if the teeth do not fit.
  • There appears to be a lack of evidence regarding the alleged incident, as well as no witnesses…nothing. Keep going.
  • Is anyone else concerned about this dog’s height? I believe the general public (and, frankly, science) should be made aware of a 6 foot 8 inch German Shepard…
  • He’s the best boy when it comes to cleaning up after himself.
  • He’s the best boy when it comes to cleaning up after other officers.

Because of the massive support for Ice, the police department made an update and said that Ice will not ‘face any internal discipline or criminal charges’. They went on to say:

In fact, one of his local supporters, Lunch Wyandotte, dropped off a custom-made sandwich to him today because they felt he wasn’t getting enough food. They also gave the officers a tray of sandwiches!


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